Motherfuckin' Death Scythe

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Okay. I was talked into this kind of.

The other day at work I was thinking about this scene and it hits me. Sure, it looks like Soul is riding Star in that one panel, which is pretty funny.

But I’ve been reading it wrong. I think.

Soul, as seen in the first fight with Kid, is the physically weakest of the boys. Star, on the other hand, has proved himself to be the strongest of them. And we know the fight with Mifune obviously took a toll on him but the weakest boy is holding him down and manages to hurt him.

The fact that Black*Star managed to get that hurt surprises me with how he seems in the rest of the manga. I guess it’s also a testament to how far he was willing to go to prove himself to..himself, really.

Also, is Kid the only one of the main four to not be shown in the hospital at some point? I don’t remember..

And the rest of the scene always kind of bothered me.

While I understand Soul’s motives, I think waiting to tell Angela is going to prove to be worse. I know I handled death a lot better when I was younger than when I was older..

That is if Ohkubo remembers to write it in…

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